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Why do we send our kids to School Killing Zones?

April 10, 2014

As I read or listen to another story about our children being shot or stabbed. I can not stop thinking, when are we going to stop sending our children to a place where they are completely unprotected and helpless?

I honestly believe that at some point we are going to have to refuse to send them to a place where there is not some armed presence and they are being slaughtered by deranged criminals or the mentally ill. We have armed guards around stupid stuff like money and jewelry, but not the important things like OUR most precious items, our children.

Why do the non-violence groups keep winning when it comes to protecting our children, when the people who want to do the injuring and damage could care less what the rule or law is. They know no one has a weapon to protect themselves and our children are helpless. Why don’t we have a voice to say enough is enough? I am sick of the bloodshed. I think that we have tried their way LONG ENOUGH, and need to allow children to defend themselves or at least have some type of armed presence at each and every school. Most of the time, a deranged person or criminal is not going to care about the rules or laws and it is ALWAYS the innocent ones who pay the ultimate price.

I also think that if we also started to try and convict some of the parents of these children who commit these heinous crimes, that maybe in the future the children who really need help, will get that help and the rest of us won’t have to suffer with their horrible children. There seems to be absolutely no accountability for the parents of these terrible children and they get away scot-free. They should be required to stand trial right along with their horrible children and suffer the same punishment. They raise these awful children with this completely over-blown sense of entitlement and that they are the only things that matters, They have no respect for themselves or others.

When you think about it, we really do leave our most important assets completely unprotected and vulnerable, and it makes me, as a parent, completely disgusted in the human race and what we have become.


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